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Go 'ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!'

Oh, god, do I love hip-hop. Oh, god, do I love De La Soul. I finally got to see them again, after the last time being able to see them was about three years ago in CT. Let me just tell any De La fans out there, you should have been there. Maseo was on, he got to step in for Common's part, switched up the beat on potholes, and was just all-around-on-point for all the changes. The best part of all had to be when Plug 3 cut to the beat from 'The Choice is Yours,' Plug 1 and 2 faced the back, and bowed their heads, and Dres came out to rock it with them. The crowd was bananas from the moment Maseo dropped the beat.

Here's a setlist (of what I knew, at least.)
Plug Tunin'>
Potholes> Potholes remix>
Ring Ring Ring
Stakes is High
common joint from stakes is high*
Thru Ya City
A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturday
Me, Myself, & I
Flavor of the Month**
The Choice is Yours**
Ooh, Ooh

*w / Maseo for Common
**w / Dres

Wish I had time to go on to talk about my relationship with hip-hop, and what these shows do to me. Guess that’ll just have to be a teaser of more to come!


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