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Hello all, I'm slowly re-adjusting to the work-a-day world after being contaminated by the dirty hippies on Phish tour. Aaaah, back to analyzing data while listening to thuggish hip-hop.

Phish tour was a hell of a fun time. After NYE in New York, I knew I'd be hitting up the three shows I just came back from (1 here in Illinois, 2 in Cincinatti OH), but I had no idea what to expect from them. Unfortunately, and as thanklessly critical as it may sound, I wasn't really left as floored as I expected from the 12/31 show. Well, this time, they definitely wowed me for 3 days straight. I'm happy to say the boys are back in town, they're pulling some of their old antics, now all they need to do is have a word with the crowd again. If anyone's a phish fan and wants to see the setlists, check 'em out HERE.

Phish, why do I love you so? I haven't even really kept an ear open to improvisational music (or "jam bands," as they're called) lately, as I've been catching up on all the hip-hop I missed in the years I kept up on such jam bands. Aaah, the irony, soon I'll have to catch up on them. Following more than one music scene is pretty damn tough when they don't really cross culture lines all too often. But they do make damn good music. I'm sure others do as well, I've just decided to take a break from actively seeking out and listening to them. When one crosses my path, however, I do give credit where credit is due. Case in point, I heard this amazing "one man band" type act from my friend Jen on the trip, and I've seeked him out to add to my launch player ratings. Keller Williams is his name, check him out. He's kinda cool. And, NO, it's not just because he beatboxes.

So I'm back to seeing the band I love, Phish, live whenever they tour. And they're back to playing the music that makes me dance. Life is good.


Oh yeah, Rico put up my flash animation on the RoxBox site. It's under the beta section, since I'm still not done working the bugs out. Let me know what you think of it by dropping a comment here or an email whenever you get the chance.

Until next time, you must of course know that there's "More to come..."


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