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As I promised, here's more to come... even if it is a month later. And yeah, that last post is a bit lame. And I know no one's reading yet. But in any event, here's more!

RoxBox is indeed holding our first benefit this February. Hell or high water, I tells ya. So far, there've been little snafus here and there. Well, it's not exactly right to call them snafu's, they're really just surprise situations to tend to, and they're going to happen, so it's best to just learn how to deal with them. I was just saying the other day in my paper journal that I didn't ever think that I'd be one of the responsible people in any group, but here I am, and I'm treading water swimmingly. (Guess I just said it in my blog too, huh? What a hack.)

So the actual date of the 1st Annual "Seventh Annual RoxBox Gala Fundraising Affair Benefit Event" is February 5th, and we've managed to get the word out there as best we can. All of our friends and co-workers have heard about it, and wouldn't it be great if it just rippled from there? It should be a blast. We're going to have hors d'oevres and drinks while an exhibition of our work plays, and we'll also be premiering Sick afterwards, at 9:00. Press packets are ready to go out, and they're looking nice, I must say.

That's pretty much what I've been up to. I just got back from Modern Tuxedo, I'll be heading out to a black tie event on saturday (man, tuxes are more expensive than I thought, even though I did go for the extra $15 for the vest this time). It's for Kerri's work, I'm looking forward to meeting all these peole she's always telling me about. She always describes them in such fun ways. Her gown looks GORGEOUS. I'm not kidding here, folks. My girl will look good Saturday night.

Phish is coming up in about a month, I'm looking forward to that, the setlists looked better and better each day of the four day run. Douglas will be going to the tour opener. I'm looking forward to details. They open the tour on 2/14. I'm soooo banking on a Lovin' Cup opener, but they could just get nervous, or decide to surprise everyone, I guess only time will tell, as they say. Honey Love would be such a great opener, though.

Other small things that are happening in the near future... Tosh will be having a gift exchange at his place again this year, always a fun event. I got an etch-a-sketch last year. We have two films that will be screened in the second city short film festival this Friday, that'll be something new.

Other than what's coming up, its pretty much been all benefit planning and coordination recently. Though it is hectic, I do enjoy the change of pace. I was just thinking tonight though that I'm starting to miss the slap-happiness of the Sick shoot, but when the benifit is over, we should be ready to shoot again. I think we're all itching.

Until I get off my lazy ass again... More to come.


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