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May Day, May Day!!!

Well, long time no speak, good friends (all three or four of you*).
Welcome once again to the self-important chronicling of my life. Sit
back and enjoy the dose of journalistic exhibitionism I provide here at
'Mars Life'.


So then, where have all the updates gone? Well, I've definitely been
slacking on my writing, and my most recent assumption is that these
updates will hopefully refuel those creative energies.

Today, I thought a little RoxBox news would be in order. About two
weeks ago RoxBox fnished shooting our most recent short film, 'Tim's
Day'. It will be about ten to fifteen minutes long, and chronicles a
day in the life with Tim (go figure), a young man who perpetually has
angry visions flowing through his head.

This one was especially exciting for several reasons. First off, we
were dealing with a first time director, Ben Montague. Ben also did the
writing on this piece, so it was easy to match the vision to the script.
Another interesting part of this project was our first eperience with
special effects. Comments on that? Well, let me just say scrubbing
blood spatter off of an office wall can be quite tedious.

The main reason behind shooting this one is that Ben's also hoping to
direct our first feature, and wanted to gear up to the process of
directing. We hope to begin production on the feature in the fall.
It's entitled 'Thud', and Ben wrote that piece as well. In short, Ben has
been quite the asset to the company.

Well, I think tomorrow may be a little more RoxBox news... don't want to
blow the proverbial load all at once, you know.

Until then (fingers crossed), more to come!

(*Oh yeah, one more thing. If you are reading, feel free to leave a
comment below. I do love to read them, and the email address field is
strictly informational, I do believe. Heck, try putting in a fake one!
No pressure though, I've ben a lurker on more than one blog/board myself.
Lastly, feel free to subscribe at the top of the page, all the
subcription does is send an email each time I update linking to the
update. Nothing happens with your address. Ask my co-worker Karen or
my mom! Currently my two loyal subcribers. God have you ever seen a
wordier needy person?)


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