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Herr Direktor... that's what they call me

No, I'm not getting egotistical here, I was really called that by one of my film compadres recently. Maybe a little background would be suitable here. I'm directing a short film with my film company, and we're now in the production phase. I'm pretty much prepared to eat, sleep, drink, breathe, and blog film production in the upcoming weeks. "Sick", the film we're shooting, was written by Jason Pettus, a writer and fellow weblogger from here in the windy city.

So this past weekend we shot most of the exterior shots up on Broadway and Melrose, where the other members of the RoxBox film company live. We also were able to procure a convenience store in the same area Saturday night, and we did some shooting there as well. Part of the film entails Beth, one of the two main charaters, picking up some stuff at the convenience store for Seth, the other main character. It was nice to be able to shoot at such an accessible location, as we've had major difficulties with locations in the past. Big shout to Broadway Discount!!

So tonight we begin rehearsal for the interiors, which make up the bulk of the film, and it should be very fun. I've never directed a rehearsal before, but am very excited to do so. Hopefully the actors will have fun with the script tonight, I want tonight to be pretty experimental, letting the actors get more comfortable with their characters and the relationship between them. Aaaah... a new experience shared by a small group sometimes tends to make it more enjoyable an adventure. I hope tonight will be one of those cases.

More to come.


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