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SARS-a-palooza 2003!!!

Yup, I know how thrilling it must have been to read about how much the new PDA has been organizing my life lately (if not, check it out 5/6/2003!!), so why not write up another entry on planning?!?!

I'm getting very excited for an upcoming road trip Kerri and I will be going on in about a month. We're going on a weeklong road trip through the northeast. We've been planning on doing it since about a year ago, so now that it's only a month away, it's that much more exciting since we've hyped it up for so long. Kind of like the way a Pixar children’s film debuts at number one. Yup, just that much hype.

Now I realize some of you may be concerned with the title of the road trip (mom, I'm looking in your direction), but we feel pretty ok with the whole thing, and as self-involved as Kerri and I are, isn't that all that matters? (in a preventative manner, I'll clarify the jest in that last statement just in case... damn you text!) Now our road trip obviously goes through Toronto, but let me outline the rest for you to follow along!!

Fri 7/4/03 – Kerri attends a wedding in Indiana; Mars attends a wedding in Connecticut
Sat 7/5/03 – Kerri arrives in CT, and mama Sanford (aka parental unit 1) throws an enormous bash for us… aren’t we special??
Sun 7/6/03 – we say hi to some Connecticut heads Kerri hasn’t met yet, or I haven’t seen in a while.
Mon 7/7/03 – we take a windy trip through Massachusetts, stop off to see the Appalachian Trail in Eastern VT, then end up in Burlington for the evening
Tues 7/8/03 – See as much of Burlington as possible, lake Champlain, Ben and Jerry’s, the Magic Hat Brewery (you Midwesterners don’t know what you’re missing beer-wise)
Wed 7/9/03 – leave VT to head to Niagara Falls, NY in the morning, get to campsite and Camp at night
Thurs 7/10/03 – see the falls, go to some local attractions, camp again
Fri 7/11/03 – arrive in the Western SARS capital of Toronto, ON!!!
Sat 7/12/03 – Increase our likelihood of contracting SARS by staying in Toronto another day
Sun 7/13/03 – finally leave SARonto, barely making it out alive, and head back to Chi-town

So that’s the trip. Kerri and I went to the library this past weekend to look at travel guides and start getting routes and destinations planned out. We pulled out the Mobil and Fodor travel guides to Canada, New York, and New England, sat around a table, and whispered about our trip for an hour or so. It did wonders for building up the anticipation, that’s for sure!!

OK, now this may shock those who know me, but I LOVE TO PLAN! It’s a newfound obsession of mine. I’ve never really been that anal of a person, so planning never really did anything for me. However, recently I’ve loved planning things. I guess this trip is a perfect case in point in how I’m learning to adjust to it. I guess I like the façade of organization (I use façade because I still haven’t conquered tidiness… that’s also a current project), the anticipation I mentioned earlier, and hey, less scheduling conflicts is always a good thing. Do you need something to drink? This monologue may be getting a bit dry.

The thing about planning is that I just have to actually remember to do it. It’s not a problem if I do, but it’s when I don’t tackle it right away that it begins to kill me. I think I’ve mentioned before that I can get easily overwhelmed sometimes. Lately though, it seems like my tolerance for more and more tasks is going up. I know this may contrast with my recent post about being bogged down, but I do believe that was an exceptionally stressful time with extra tasks looming. A lot of those have evaporated, and I’m feeling better, but I’m definitely juggling more than I used to. Viva la PDA!

I’ll keep you posted on all of these plans, and of course I’ll let you know if I get buried again. When have I not?

Until then, more to come!!


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