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Lower expectations

So I wrote a big long entry last week about not having a free moment to spare, and look where it got me. I didn't even post last week, and that entry still sits in my palm, unused, unfinished, unread. That's why you are currently reading 'lower expectations.'

So what the hell's been keeping me so busy? Well, here's a list of the multitude of tasks I've been somewhat neglecting or spottily trying to finish, with minimal detail describing each.

Finish my pieces of the RoxBox website (namely the bio page. Good progress on this one, though!)
Organize a commercial shoot for Jambalaya's (need to do this fast for an upcoming deadline!!!)
create my own website (this is waiting until I finish my part of the RB site)
transcribe and complete 'Cause and Affection,' my screenplay (ummm… yeah… need to pick that up again)
buy a gym bag and start working out (enough procrastinating on this one. Especially since I weighed myself this weekend.)
begin animating 'Bob and Patrick, the cartoon Kerri and I have an idea for (this’ll be a time consumer just like the personal site)
diversify my 401k (must…stop…losing…money!)

(insert infomercial voice) And many more!!

So yeah, being the easily-overwhelmed type, I’ve taken on quite a bit as of late, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating, as well as living my life day-to-day while fitting this stuff in. I guess we’ll just have to see. I apologize for not expounding a little more, or telling those who actually read this little corner of the intraweb any more about things, but I’m just venting here folks.

Until next time, more to come (eventually)


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