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So maybe I'll do this whole NaNoWriMo thing...

Yep, just as I learned about this blog thing to make me write a bit more consistently, I've also learned about a novel writing competition that takes place every year. The site is, and I guess a lot of people actually get fired up for this every year. Heck, it's only October 9th, I sort of am too.

So the way this whole process works is that everyone who wants to participate has an idea for the Great American Novel, and they sign up (I'm still not entirely sure what that entails...) to participate. Then, during October, all sorts of planning is done for the day Nov 1st actually rolls around. No writing though! I think the only rule besides the obvious (like no plagiarism) is that all writing that counts toward the word count of the novel has to take place during November. So once Nov 1 does arrive, all the participants begin pounding on hteir keys in an effort to get going towards the 50,00 word count that must be finished by Nov 30. That avg's to 1667 words a day, with a little less on the thirtieth.

So yeah... on to my whimsical participation... well... I've had this idea for a book about someone who learns about becoming a fan who follows a band around the country in a Dead/Phish/hippie lifestyle for quite some time now, and I think NaNo (as the cool kids call it) would be some good motivation for me. The main point of the story is that life is what you make of it. When the protagonist decides to take up the lifestyle as a means of searching for peace and happiness, he then comes to the crude realization that there is only as much peace love and happiness fueling the scene as he himself can put into it. He begins to see what he didn't see before, that there's no storybook brotherhood he'd always expected when he viewed the scene from a far, there's a bunch of grubby, self-righteous hippies who just want tickets and substances.

Soooo... I guess we'll have to see if I can actually follow along with the big boys. In the meantime, I'm going to try to add as much planning and development as I can to the blog throughout October.

Till next time... More to Come.


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