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Oh yeah, I'm a player now, too.

I got some shares of stock in my last year of college at UConn, because I heard they were giving them out for being one of the first 700,000 visitors to their website. Who am I a proud company owner of, you ask? Well,, glad ya asked!

So now, 4 years later, they've gone public. And there's been absolutely no action on the stock since the IPO. but, hey, I've got 6 shares of stock at 6.50 apiece for nothing! I'll take a free 39 dollars any day!

Eh, I'll just hold on to it and see if these troubling economic times provide a rebound to act as a springboard for my happy little shares of stock. I'm sure that's the same idea my other 699,999 shareholders (if there still are that many... my patience is probably a bit higher than many of them) are doing.


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