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When we last spoke, dear reader, I was psych-ing myself up for my first "all-nighter" in years. What a crazy feeling to once again be up and about as the sun sets then rises, and the birds go to sleep with the rest of the world, and wake up far earlier. This was not some hallucinogenic bender or anything, this was to draw my little knuckles off in an attempt to complete my final project for fundamentals of animation.

It all went wonderfully! My all-nighter helped ready me for the most ambitious project of mine to date, and I'm quite excited with how it turned out. When it comes to my animation, I'm not at the level of drawing yet where one can make beautifully rendered figures and characters move just to see how beautifully they move (Bill Plympton, how I adore and envy you), I'm more of the mindset that story counts for 90% of entertainment's value, and would liken my product to more of a Don Hertzfeldt kind of project. I adore and envy Don Hertzfeldt as well (although "Meaning of Life was so-so, in my humble opinion).

In any event, come about 7:15 or so, I headed down to the campus to be there bright and early to get all my drawings shot. The class started at 10 (or is scheduled to), and we weren't planning on starting presentations until about 12:30 or so, so I made sure I had plenty of time to shoot.

When I got there, Antoin and Alberto from class were already there waiting, and the doors weren't even open yet. We started up a list, as the two Lunchboxes we have in the lab would be occupied by them, and I wouldn't be able to shoot on my reel until Antoin was finished with his shooting (my "reel" is just an allotment of digital space on one of the aforementioned "lunchboxes", and it resides on the one Antoin was using). I eventually got to start shooting at around 10:15 or so.

Wow, what an experience. I was using all these layers and cycles to tell a story. The drawings weren't the most detailed and fancy, but the techniques I used were good enough for me to be able to produce 1:20 of animation that told a story that had the whole class rolling. It was a good presentation to say the least. It was up there with the better in the class, so I'm happy with myself.

Funny, this was the quarter where I thought I'd start getting lower than A's, and I got an A and an A-.


If you see some entries appear and disappear in the upcoming weeks, it's because I'm trying to set up moblogging, where I can post both entries and pictures from my Treo. I know for a fact this happenned yesterday, the entry before this one used to be a picture.


I'll be married in 15 days!

More to come


  • Hey, you erased the post I was going to comment on! Anyway... Yeah, that's the problem with SMS-based blogging - the photos come out fine, but the text cuts off after the normal SMS limit (165 characters? something like that). All these moblogging services seem to be getting things so close to right these days; but then each will have exactly one exception or bug that just makes you want to hurl your phone against the wall in frustration. Hopefully they'll all be getting it right soon!

    By Blogger Jason Pettus, at 6/23/2005 4:15 PM  

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