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Why I haven't been updating

Hmm, the thing about that, see, is that there is no real reason. I guess I've just been slacking a bit. However, here I am, so best to think about something to write about. I'm really at a loss here.

Wedding? Well, we got our engagement portrait taken yesterday. Our photographer is really cool, and a great find, I'd like to think. She's a lot of fun, has a unique pricing scheme, and is very welcoming, agreeable, and easy to get along with. She works in all digital too, so there's more opportunities to get those sweet moments where we look either uber-sexy (always), or cute and endearing (the rest of the time). We got about 300 shots taken of us yesterday, told you we were sexy or endearing quite often. She's going to put some up at her site, there'll be links here when I find out about it, until then, anyone in need of a photographer should
seriously check out

Animation? Good lordy, quite a busy week. I'd love to go ahead and show some of the projects I'll be showing for midterms here, but there's no digital versions of these things yet. I do gotta say though, for the incredible amount of work that goes into an animation, the brief return is one of the coolest and most reassuring things I've ever experienced. I got some of the greatest thrills from seeing ten seconds that I've worked on for about 10 hours or so. Animators are INSANE.

Improv? Traffic and Weather has decided to take its future in its hands, based on the suggestions of our noble coach Brian Wilson. We're all looking at our involvement as a professional venture that deserves the time we put into it. Though that may sound pretty self explanatory, we've somewhat been cruising for a while on a rare balance of talent and chemistry that's allowed us to stay on the Improvolympic schedule this long. We're
buckling down as we approach our anniversary, and with our goals clearly in sight (a premium time slot), and our team re-dedicated (showing up early to chat and connect before rehearsals, sitting out of performances if we feel the need, and putting as much into supporting each other in whatever way we can), I can honestly say I've never been more thrilled to be a part of this group.

Yeehaw! So that's the cliffnotes. I'd love to ruminate more specifically, but content production is overtaking the priority of content quality these days.

More to come.

PS - Jen... that's alls I got right now.


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