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I'm creating a monster (or a manager?)

So I've probably mentioned the initiative I've been undertaking regarding organizing myself better. I have to give big ups to KVA, the super-fiancee who is always on top of planning and has been a big motivator for me to take control of my stuff. I am finally just plain fed up with it all, all the unfinished business I have and all the projects I'm unsure of status on, and so forth. I've always sort of looked at the piles of "to-do's" in my head and have just become paralyzed, wishing there was some panacea to make it all go awy. Perhaps even cyanide.

Enter and the Getting Things Done" philosophy, written by David Allen. It's a pretty cool "philosophy", and very well oriented to my history of searching out self-help. I'm happy to say I've somewhat implemented the "GTD" philosophy to my own boon. I do believe it's helped me, and it can not be blamed for my small lapse in posting. Merely coincidental. Also coincidental is the fact that I've had a to do item of "blogging" in my list that whole time.

So, here I am finally checking off that to-do, as a brief respite from processing the stuff I've been collecting.

* * *

Cartooning? Going well, I love my classes. It's a lot of fun to make up characters, and to learn about the very fundamentals of animation. I've even got a vhs videotape that now has actual animations I've made. Our first assignment was to make three 75 page flip books, and then after we were done with them, we shot them into the lunchbox sync, which I was able to make a vhs copy from. Although they are flipbooks, and very rudimentary as far as animation is concerned, it's still a very fulfilling thing to be able to pop in a tape, see some stuff move around on the screen, and say, "I made that."

Happy 4/20! more to come.


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