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A good old "All-Nighter"

Aaah, the old days of college, where I sat up all night studying for statistics to be ready for the next day's exam.

Now in my enlightened late twenties, where I try to take a grab at the golden ring of creative arts employment, the all-nighter takes on a whole new meaning.

If I can just get through this night, I'll be ready for anything.

I plan on staying up all night tonight, as I have a final presentation to make tomorrow, which I have yet to complete. The presentation consists of the body of my work throughout the last 11 weeks as they pertain to the fundamentals of animation as taught by Mr George Eastman, my prof. Quite the guy and quite the motivator, this guy doesn't settle for crap. Very professional, very type-A, a natural born director.

If I can just get through this critique and his criticisms, I'll be ready for anything.

The first half of the 11 week quarter was comprised of a progression of projects that were designed to help us learn the equation of: "Images + Time = Motion". It was quite invigorating to take a class where I finally get to do the most rudimentary parts of animation, namely, making drawings move.

All of my projects have been completed, except for the "final" project. The final project is to be a one-minute animation that shows you put quite a bit of time into it, namely 50 to 60 hours.

If I can just make it through these 50 to 60 hours, I'll be ready for anything.

I've been working at it quite a bit, and I'm hoping it comes out nice. I really think it will be OK, as it tells a nice witty story, despite it's being so primitive drawn. I think I'll make it to a minute, we'll just have to see.

The big bonus is that I've realized that I can test out the frames I'm drawing to see if they "work" and move well on the screen by importing them into flash to make them into their own little cartoon. The process is a little time consuming because it involves scanning many images, but it helps me work at home without buying a $3000 Lunchbox Sync system.

If I can just make it through this pile of drawings, I'll be ready for anything.

The good thing is, now that I've discovered this process that I should've thought of way earlier, I'll be able to put them up on the web! Yahooooo. People can witness my greatness. OK, witness my mediocrity.

I know most will probably read this after I have already put myself through this sleep-deprived hell, but I just thought I'd let ya know anyway.

If I can just make it through this night, I'll be ready for anything.

By the way... I've been away for a while, I know. Please pray/think/meditate/well-wish for my mom to get a new liver.


  • Oh Mars, you have always been ready for anything - you just didn't know it.
    Anyone who takes on returning to school, and improv and a wedding all at the same time has been ready for anything since day one. Have faith in yourself brother...we all have faith in you.
    I hope that the will of the universe makes itself known to you for all the different things going on in your life right now.
    The universe will never steer you wrong. It just likes to detour every once in a while. :-)

    By Blogger Vegas, at 6/20/2005 3:28 PM  

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