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Axl Rose said it best

At long last, I'm getting to write about that virtue that I find myself running to for solace so frequently in this interdependent, interconnected, internet-enabled world, patience. As funny as it is, I considered abandoning the idea of writing about it altogether as it had almost seemed as if the idea had passed. Had I had patience, I would have just put it aside until I was blatantly reminded of how necessary it is this morning.

We all could use a hell of a lot more patience in our day to day lives. That's not to say anything is wrong with motivated, driven, "type A" people, In all honesty, at times I'm quite envious of these kinds of people, and at times I am one of these people. It's just that certain things end up being beyond our control, and to fret over such things will get you absolutely nowhere. When things are out of your hands, you have to rely on a little something called patience.

For instance, I write these blog entries that are sometimes long and a bit drawn out, but I want the writing I contribute to my online journal to actually have some cohesion to it. I could log in, and write "This lady cut me off this morning, funny enough, she ended up downtown at the same time as me" and publish and just be done with it. However, I know that in order for this blog to serve as a place for me to journal as well as a place for me to sit and think about what's been going on, it takes actual patience to sit and write a cohesive piece. Of course, this is not to say more words are better, I could probably sum up my feelings in a lot shorter and more concise an entry, but it would still take the patience of thinking out what I was trying to get at to actually do that. Instead, I opt to verbalize the thought process in these luscious paragraphs you're feasting your eyes on.

However, most may not even have the patience to read all of this entry. What can I say. There are people who can't have the patience to sit and listen to full detailed explanations in meetings, there are those who don't have the patience for someone to get off the train before they get on. There are also people who don't do these things because they just don't care. I hope to never be any of those people. Are you?

That's about all I have the patience to say about patience right now. Got any stories about patience or lack thereof? Write them in below or drop me a line at planetfour at gmail dot com. Until then, I assure you that there's more to come.


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