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No time for little things

Hey all of you out there in intarweb land... a little note regarding spare time from a man with little time to spare. I know nothing's changed since I took on improv and college in my outside life, but I definitely feel like a piece of silly putty that's starting to get little stress-holes in its midsection after being pulled between two little grubby hands. Well, the one change would be the upcoming wedding, but that was put out there at about the same time as school.

I can't help but keep my "eye on the prize," though, as I envision a future where subsistence is solely based on creative services and talents. It's out there, I know it is. In the meantime, I keep plugging along at the chores, doing whatever day to day tasks that less time-committed people commit more time to in the little time I can actually commit. (I know that sentence is somewhat confusing, and I kept in for that reason. Sadistic, I know.)

A perfect example of this is an organization project I'm currently trying to bring to a close in our house. Anyone who knows myself and Kerri well will know that Kerri is easily the more organized of the two of us. I've often kicked myself repeatedly in awe of her ability to keep everything straight. Well, recently, I decided to stop envying her and to start learning from her. The first step was the office in the house since that's where most of the detritus I create ends up. It's winding down now, but there has been a growing amount of bags of consolidated detritus toward the back exit to our stairwell. I just haven't had the chance yet to bring all this crap down to the alley. Soon enough, I hope.

Once I've managed to amass enough stolen bits of time from my schedule to finally get the house into a sort of order that has places for everything and everything in their places, I think the maintenance will be a lot easier. Sure, all this probably sounds quite simplistic and common to most any person, but I've never really had any sense of organization instilled in me. I'm getting much better with time management, and I hope to apply similar organizational techniques into the actual spatial aspects of my environment. One day, all of this will be self nature enough to me so I can take on more projects and not be overwhelmed by them. There may be no correlation between the environment and the work, but it just seems to me like there would be, intuitively.


In other news, since I typed that comment about keeping my eye on the prize earlier today, I think I quite possibly may have found a position online today that would actually be a nice transition from my current work to that of the world of design. I was beginning to doubt such a connection even existed. However, I'm still not getting pie-eyed over one simple potential opportunity out there, but I am going to explore it to see where it leads me. Of course, I'll bring you right along.

More to come.

PS. Blogger's "BlogThis" spellchecker sux.


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