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The sweetest thing

OK, I know, I'm awful at posting. I've been meaning to post this paltry entry since tuesday... such a slacker... tsk tsk tsk

Monday night, I arrived to Stewtopia practice a bit early. I therefore decided I wanted to have a coffee. Off I went on a search for the life-giving nectar.

Once I got to Dunkin Donuts, I decided I would also benefit from a snack, as I had had a very small dinner. I began to peruse what kind of selection was available at 9:50 on a Monday evening.

One of the trays read simply 'Blueberry'.

"What is that blueberry? Is it a blueberry scone, or something?" I said.
"Blueberry buttermilk," said the cashier.
"I'm sorry, blueberry what?" I asked, having never heard buttermilk used to describe a solid noun.
"Blueberry buttermilk," said the cashier.
"Sounds good enough to me," I excitedly said, not knowing what kind of baked good I was about to purchase.

Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you with good news. The blueberry buttermilk is perfect. It has the shape of a scone, the sweetness of a bowtie, the glaze of two donuts, and yet it is not overly soft.

Try one. I beg of you.

More to come...


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