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Well, this friday marks my first appearance on the improv scene to an audience. Exciting. Frightening. Inevitable.

Yup, I'm very excited I get to work with a group of such great talents. I think we manage to weave together some really neat stuff and I think an audience is exactly what we need. Should be a great time.

We’ll be up in the Cagematch at IO, going against the Mike Enriquez Experience.

Here’s another team member, and here’s his little ole stewtopia teampage.

Here’s another team member (I helped him to create and optimize the flash opener to his site).

Here’s another team member.

Here’s a picture of The Mike Enriquez Experience. teeheehee...


Oh yeah, I wanted to make one prediction for the day, too. I predict that the RIAA will file some more file trading suits in the next 4 weeks. Let’s see what happens.


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