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5 more days of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and carbon based smoke consumption. I don't know which is scarier... the fact that I've been doing it for just over 10 years, or the fact that I am dreading the day I stop.

So tomorrow's my birthday, and I've decided with Kerri and I getting married this summer, her wanting to quit, and Chinese New Year falling on my birthday, it's enough of an impetus for me to quit this filthy habit. Kerri's wholeheartedly decided to join the fun as well. Brava, girl! We are approaching it realistically, though. We've decided to make the quit date actually Sunday, as I'm sure there'll be a night of drinks with friends to celebrate my 29th year, and Saturday's when that's going to happen. Rather than quitting on Thursday and setting ourselves up for defeat on Saturday, we've opted to quit on Sunday, and not really leave the house for parties/bar trips/social gatherings with smoking friends for a couple of weeks.

Also in preparation of the big day, I'll be taking the day off from work this Friday to clean for a two fold reason. One, I want to start this non-smoking venture as fresh as I possibly can, so I intend to clean, dust, do laundry, maybe even get a hair cut all with the intent of ridding buried-in smoke, and two, Kerri is helping me become a organized, proactive person in my personal spaces, and I'd like to establish a good baseline from which I can start maintaining some new productivity practices I'm putting in place. God, I swear I'm not as dull as that second point makes me sound, it's basically a fancy way of saying "Clean up after yourself, Mars."

So along with all these new changes, I figured I might as well blog a little, too. Sorry to surpass the obligatory, "Wow, it's been so long, here's what's been up" post. I'm sure the information will come out bit by bit in context. There have been a lot of changes, mostly awesome ones, and I'll speak about them as the days go on. For now, I thought it may help me monitor my progress and get things out in words if I started journaling again.

So that's the whole of what I had to say right now, but I'm surely hoping I can keep up a steady schedule and see you again soon.

More to come.


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