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aaah, the intarweb

What a blast I had on Friday night. As far as my improv performance, I know I denied Ryan at least once, I was a little slow to catch up in the opening, and I made a couple call-out moves/unnecessary exposition. As far as a team, we could've edited a bit quicker. It was all one bitchin fun time, though. I'm excited to have so many great peeps to play with. I've now performed on the IO cabaret stage. The team, Pettus, Kerri, and I all ended up staying out until far too late and had a debaucherous time as well. What fun!

There was a bit of an unexpected move by our competition, though. I guess they found this humble little corner of the intarweb I call my own. I can only assume that they googled Stewtopia. Well, Stewtopia got handed a bunch of printouts of the Underdog pic before the show. Personally, I was excited to see someone actually read my blog.

Needless to say, the psych out technique did not sway the droves of people we had invited out to see our first show. We won the vote on a pretty big margin. I didn't watch the Mike Enriquez Experience set, but heard from a bunch of people that they were funny. Huzzah! Win-win baby!

Competitive improvisation. Hmmm... we'll try it again March 12.

Until then, more to come.


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