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I saved four hours

I've saved about 6.50 and not smoked about 27 cigarettes in the day and a half or so that I''ve been quit. I joined up at a cool site called about a month or so ago when I made the decision to quit. Now that the date is here, I can see how much money, life, and cigarettes I've saved/ avoided as the time ticks by.

I'd hate to jinx it, but it hasn't been as hard as its been in the past for me. I think I could really be ready this time. Don't get me wrong, I still think about grabbing a cigarette about a hundred times a day, but then I just think to myself, "No, I don't smoke now. I may smoke in the future, but I don't smoke right now." Maybe its some Zen state I've hit on, I have no idea, I just wish it came this easily for everyone else in the world. The Quitnet forums are literally filled with tons of people who are stressed out non-stop. So I don't want to spoil anyone elses quit either, so I just want to let them all know I'm here for them. First and foremost, my number one homegirl KVA. Hope she's doin' OK right now.


This weekend also saw the office in our place explode, too. My crap is EVERYWHERE. What's worse, is that I'm now organizing it all, and have no idea where my parent's Christmas check went. I'm going to keep looking, in hopes I'll be able to pay for what was an awesome weekend with Kerri.

What a girl.

She's helping me get organized, she's quit smoking with me, and she's sweet AND sexy as all hell. What a lucky guy.


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