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the gift to end all gifts

Yesterday was my birthday. It started off OK, just the normal work day routine, treasuring the cigarettes I smoked, with the knowledge of impending cessation in the front of my head. I'll be doing that again today, as today will be the last day I smoke at work, ever. I can foresee one hell of an uphill struggle.

Anyhow, after work at BCBS, there was more work at home on freelance projects, then it was finally time for birthday present and dinner. It was quite fun, before dinner, I opened the gift, and let me tell you, it rocked hard core. First off, it was wrapped in an exquisite purple foil wrapping with a very nice purple satin ribbon, and there was a card that Kerri had conveyed to the distributor, which he had in turn hand-written by himself. It was very sweet, made mention of the upcoming nuptials, and almost brought a tear to my eye. I delicately untied the ribbon and opened the exquisite wrapping to reveal the back of a frame with an envelope attached.

As I turned it over, I noticed there was a piece of protective translucent covering over the glass, but I could somewhat make out a dingy background behind it, with a red haired figure standing on the right hand side of the frame. I immediately recognized the figure as Lois Griffin, matriarch of the zany and popular Griffin family from the animated TV show "Family Guy".

Needless to say, I loved this gift. It was awesome, and I consider it one more step towards building my own little animation room I've wanted to create for years. One other great thing about the print selection itself is that it is a scene that has always cracked Kerri and I up on the couch whenever we watch the show at home. Check this bad boy out below.

More to come.


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