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The biggest party on Ridge Hill Rd. Bar none.

Well, I thought I’d give a little update on my dear old mom. I talked with her on the phone last night, to get what’s turned into a welcome semi-weekly update on her poarty planning. In her classic way, she’s started to go completely crazy planning this party. She was telling me that all the family is coming, and when I say all, I mean the 8 siblings my father has that I really never saw all too regularly growing up. It’s a Sanford Watson family hoedown! They all can’t wait to see me, and meet Kerri, or so the legend from my mom goes. Quote of the conversation: “I think I may have to get 2 kegs!”

So I can’t wait, of course. It’ll be good to see mass amounts of family, now I hope some of my old hometown friends stop by for a bit, it should be a great shin-dig. Can you say karaoke machine (ok, now can you say it in tune)? The countdown’s at about 1.5 weeks. Whoop-tee-freakin-yay.


So here’s a nice little article about how TV and screen writers are getting boned these days. Damn reality shows, damn greedy studio execs, damn the economy, and of course, where would we be without damning dubya.

Well I just wanted to drop a note so peeps knew I was still alive. Expect another review coming up soon, enjoy the summer in the meantime!

More to come. I promise.


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