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All righty, here's another review for Once I actually break into the template for this blog, I'll probably post a permanent link to the site. In the meantime, read on about Nufonia must Fall.

The Fall of Nufonia, the Rise of the Independent Robot

To say Kid Koala is diverse would be as obvious as saying he likes using turntables. HeÂ’s been quite busy lately as well ( He's one of many DJ acts that will be featured at this weekend's Bonnaroo festival (related post by Eric Olsen), and his work is worth checking for anyone who may be into hip hop DJ and breakbeats.

His list of credits includes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Deltron 3030, and solo cuts on several ninja tune mix cds. No, you're not mistaken, this is indeed a book review, read on.

Kid Koala's most recent creation exhibits his rough, raw drawing style while also showing his appreciation for a good, ironic love story. "Nufonia must Fall" is a 300 page graphic novel chronicling an incredibly sweet love story between a defeated, almost-obsolete robot, and an overworked, lonely office worker. The two are star-crossed lovers of sorts, and their happenchance meetings and what develops is a delight to watch play out.

Watch truly is the operative word in this piece, as Kid Koala uses virtually no dialogue in his piece, relying on signs, scenery, and emotions of his characters to move his plot forward. The only verbal communication even documented in the book is in email form. His drawings are delightful. Very scratchy, gritty, rough, grayscale images are enough to tell well over a thousand words apiece.

Another notable feature of this project is the accompanying cd Kid Koala includes as a soundtrack. Tracks titled with page numbers help the reader understand that Koala's focus is the story that unfolds in the book, and that the music is just a stimulus to aid the reader in finding the emotions of the characters involved. Sitting back and digesting both simultaneously, one begins to appreciate the artist even more.

Having made note of the dominance of the story, Kid Koala fans should not purchase Nufonia must Fall strictly for the music alone. The cuts Koala creates are not exactly entertaining on their own two feet. However, graphic novel fans and hip hop fans of the nerdy comic book variety will most likely find several readings worth of enjoyment from this beatiful piece of work, only to be enhanced by the musical accompaniment.


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