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Coincidental Tuesday morning, moist and nerdy Friday night

A little publicized fact about me is my complete and utter love of coincidences. I had a coincidental morning today. It started on the el, where I walked to the back of the car with K-San, passing someone reading Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor. Having recently gone through a serious bout of CPA (Chuck Palahniuk Addiction), I commented briefly that it was a good book as I passed.

He wasn't that far from the back of the car, so I could actually even see where he was in the story, and K-San and I talked about it a bit (I am an awful awful awful over-the-shoulder reader, but try to be as inconspicuous as possible). Kerri noted that it was quite easier for her to get her bearings on the story because Chuck books are usually completed in mere days. Now then, somewhere along the blue line, I looked down and noticed that he was using the exact same coffee mug I have that recently lost it's purpose, due to a loss of the top. Boo-frickin'-hoo. So, I thought, "same book as me, same coffee mug as me, weird!" However, it was right then that I noticed the gentleman right next to him was reading a Tom Robbins book, another of my favorite authors. Of course I read a bit of that over his shoulder as well. Aaah, Skinny Legs and All. It's been quite a while.

So yeah, all that, and I saw fellow IO performer Shad Kunkle handing out fragrance samples on the corner of Randolph and Wabash. I grabbed one and said, "Thanks, Shad". He replied, "Hey, how you doing!" or something, but I waved and kept walking, as I'm fairly sure he has no idea who I am. And yes, I'm aware it would have been significantly less rude to stop and say hi and introduce myself, but breaking my morning routine is pretty tough. I'm practically on auto-pilot, and was happy to have even said hi.


So Friday, I got my cyst removed, as I mentioned yesterday, but in an example of my trying to squeeze as much in as possible with little respect for my physical or mental well-being, I was at the legendary Double Door club that very evening, to see the Moistboyz play. I had never heard any of their music whatsoever, but it was exciting nonetheless, because as Kerri and I started talking about, we both used to do that shit all the time in college, and now just didn't get out as much. Aaaah, money... it's really doesn't grow on trees!

So we went because ween isn't hitting up Chicago on this tour. Booooooooooooooo. So, this is the closest we could get, because Dean Ween doubles as Micky Moist (i.e. he plays guitar for both bands). Moistboyz are fucking hardCORE, man. White trash speed metal from New Hope Pennsylvania. The lead singer (Dicky Moist) doesn't wear a shirt, is out of his freaking head, has a mullet, and sports one of those big Olde-English font stomach tattoos that reads "OTC", which I could only imagine stands for "Over The Counter". Great performance.

However, before we even got to see Moistboyz, we were treated to a (surprise, to us) performance by the minibosses. These guys consist of two guitars, bass, and drums, and play covers of Nintendo theme music. This Nintendo-music resurgence seems to be a trend, I think, courtesy of cyclical history, retro-hipness, and the like, but I fall for it full on. Let me just say I've been singing Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man 2, and Punch Out for days. Oh, childhood... where have you're 8-bit glories gone?


No, spell checker, I would not like to replace "minibosses" with "minibuses", though your suggestions do crack me up as usual.

More to come.


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