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Wow. Just... Wow.

``What our officers are telling people is that there is absolutely no reason to stay here,'' New Orleans Police Deputy Chief Warren Riley said during a televised press conference. ``There are no jobs. There are no homes to go to, no hotels to go to. There is absolutely nothing here. We advise these people that this city has been destroyed.''

Not to be focusing on the bad parts (though it's admittedly hard not to), but the quote above hit me pretty hard. I certainly am very upset that I've never seen the big easy, as the proudest of New Orleans natives I know (OK, the only, but he's pretty damned proud) this weekend told me I never really will see New Orleans. Nothing's permanent, people.

Him and his girlfriend are hosting friends in from the disaster, and taking ANY DONATIONS POSSIBLE. If there's the off chance that there's someone reading this that doesn't know this, and wants to donate to actual humans that have helped friends of mine when they were in need, feel free to email me, post here, whatever (planetfourATgmailDOTcom). I ain't no Kanye West or anything, but we're giving what we can.

That's the one thing I'm glad to see, Louisiana people touching base with each other, mending, and such. It is good to see my friends with LA family taking stock of each other's lives, offering help, and moving on.


Thanks to all who said hello when I reached out! Now who the heck is reading out there in Estonia?


  • There's also taking non-cash donations at Bettenhausen Dodge in Tinley Park. There are a few hundred N.O. residents staying at a hospital there.

    By Anonymous Pluto's Dad, at 9/10/2005 4:25 PM  

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