Mars Life


Why was I testing?

I haven't put up any media in a while, so I was trying to see how I could actually get animation up on the site. Yes, as it turns out, gif's are the only way to go. So, I've managed to transform one of my projects from school from low-tech to high-tech to low-hi-tech in order to put it up on the blog here.

What you see is the alien tax accountant I've previously shared, in a walk cycle. Basically, you see these all the time in animation as the background scrolls by to create the illusion of movement, without having to draw much. I know it needs a few more in between poses to make it the tiniest bit more fluid, and my final version had less elbow-jerking, and this one might not be registered completely correct, as I had to do some editing in the process (which also possibly degraded the quality in and of itself). Registration refers to how the sequential images are lined up in respect to each other. But still, pretty cool, no?

There'll be more chance to show original works when I finally get my new site up and running.

Which I'm starting, what with the lack of job and all...

And a class in flash right now...

More to come.


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