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So I figured I'd post up a shot of the character I'm currently working on for my acting for animation class. I'm actually thinking about starting up a little sketchbook blog while I'm working on creating my portfolio site. That would definitely dramatically decrease the already-scant posts over here.

Anyway, in the meantime... This is Stew. See Stew stew. Stew, Stew, stew. Poor, poor Stew.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to tell you about the "fiction obsession of summer 2005" and my brief unplanned respite from work. Until then, more to come.


  • Is Stew boozing? How does he handle his liquour? Is is a smoker when he drinks? You need to do Stew in the shower, or the bath. Babe, he's looking super sweet!!!

    By Blogger K San, at 8/10/2005 3:44 PM  

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