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Summer fiction fiasco 2k5!!!!

Well, here we are about heading out of the summer, rather than in, and it’s time I finally talk a bit about my reading habits this summer. Summer seems to be the time when everyone goes crashing into borders or clogging up the bandwidth of to grab a title they can read on hot lazy days.

Personally, I got into reading this summer because a class I took earlier this year had a big Chuck Palahniuk fan in it. This kid was a cool kid, an animation major named Bill Cogland or something like that, he switched majors, and it’s a shame, because he had a good sense of humor, and was fun to talk to, but I’m really digressing here. Anyway, I’d heard a lot of people rave about Palahniuk’s work many a time before, so I decided to pick some up. Just to get an intro, I decided to read the actual novel Fight Club, because it had been one of my favorite movies for quite some time. God I love that story.

So we had this animation class once a week, and one Saturday, I go in and tell him I finally ordered a Palahniuk book. The next Saturday I told him I’d finished it. Seriously, I read Fight Club in like two days. In order to see if it was a strike of lightning, I quickly ordered Choke. I loved it, and also finished it in two or three days.

From there, I knew I’d be reading the entire collection of Chuck’s works eventually. I moved on to Lullaby, another quick and thoroughly entertaining read. All this time, though, I felt the need to get back to my fiction roots of Tom Robbins, as the style of Palahniuk always involves some romance of crazy larger than life circumstances which seemed to relate back to the memories I had of his stories, as well as the twists in plot bringing everything full circle. So I picked up Villa Incognito strictly because Borders didn’t have any copies of Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.

An analysis of the two authors, from yours truly, is that they do share similar story structures at times, and divide their works up into easily manageable chapters, but Chuck is a minimalist where Tom is a poet. That’s about the most I could possibly boil it down. They’ve got there own styles, and I love both of them. In the month since I finished Villa Incognito, I’ve finished two more Palahniuk works (Survivor and Diary), reluctantly finished The DaVinci Code, and have made 100 pages of progress into the aforementioned Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates. I obviously am not going to comment on all of these, but I’m happy to be dabbling in fiction again.


In other notes, Seward Street posted up a bunch of new photos over on their flickr page. There are great pics of the old masters in their element, and some rough sketches as well as old cels. I love Seward Street.

More to come! Namely… sketches?


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