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Deja vu... have we met before?

Hey folks. I'm married. There's phone calls to be made to my wonderful friends, there's pictures to email to people as they trickle in, there’s thank you cards to be mailed, there’s another wedding ring to buy (yup. It’s gone. Jamaican beach. Grrr.), the wedding, as I said all throughout, was a living, breathing thing. It was a lot of fun, and I hope the pics I posted here were fun for those who checked them out. For a couple more quick ones, check out, where Kerri and flower girl Anastasia made it onto the front page, and me and my boys made it into the “weddings” portion of our photographer’s site. Big ups to Hilda, too she’s a great photographer, was transparent as far as I could tell (then again, I was quite busy), captured some sweet moments, and is getting more and more popular. Wedding couples, book her for 2006 now!

Now that the wedding is over, there’s really no reason for me not to be venturing down a road I’ve traveled before, namely, the nicotine withdrawal road. As of yesterday morning, (specifically, like 1AM or so, when K-San and myself were sitting in the kitchen drowning leftover cigarettes in water) I haven’t had a single cigarette. 24 hours may not seem like a lot to my non-smoking oral surgeon (who stated “Why not now” at my appointment last week, only for me to answer “have you ever smoked, Dr Spector?”), but it is a miracle to me.

I of course am not counting any eggs these days, relapses of the tobacco addiction are highly commonplace. However, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with another day of being smoke free is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I look back and miss the cigarettes, and I’m always thinking to myself, “Hmmm, I could have a smoke right now” but then I realize, alas, no I can’t. But when the day is over, and I’m ready to go to bed, I say to myself, “Wow, you really did that. Good job.”


  • Check out my home girl Clover's blog for some sweet entries on thoughts about cigarettes and being a smoker.

    I wish all the quitters the best of luck. Know you are stronger than I am.

    By Blogger Vegas, at 8/03/2005 12:37 PM  

  • I had my last cigarette on July 31, 2005. Just a few days ago or an eternity. Don't give yourself the option to smoke again. It just isn't.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/03/2005 11:14 PM  

  • Hey thanks, you crazy mystery inspiration.

    By Blogger mars, at 8/03/2005 11:19 PM  

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